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Prison Man Down Systems:

CareCaller’s Guard Tour system logs and reports the movement of your guards as they make their rounds from one assigned guard station to the next. Our system provides real-time tracking, so that you will know right away if a guard misses their stop or deviates from their route. Our system additionally works as a lone worker emergency call system to protect your guards.

PC System

  • Real time tracking – know right away if a guard misses a stop
  • Post incidents as they happen – create immediate alarms or actions
  • Tours can be varied from shift to shift and day to day
  • Run multiple tours at the same time
  • Communicate alarms and events by radio, pagers, telephone and email
  • Roving guards can have all security desk functions - CCTV, intercom, alarms, telephone and equipment control - in the palm of their hand

The CareCaller Guard Tour Sentry™ logs and reports - as it happens - the movement of guards making their rounds from one assigned guard station to the next. Each station is equipped with a key switch that is turned to log the guard’s presence. Optionally, instead of using a key switch, station visits may be logged with keypads, card readers or other devices. Critical information such as the guard’s name and any incident such as “door unlocked” or “hazardous waste” can be logged by using the guard’s own hand held two-way radio. All entries are date and time stamped. Wireless transmitters eliminate all wiring producing a cost-effective installation. With the use of wireless repeaters the system will easily accommodate large buildings, facilities and campuses covering many acres. There is no interconnect wiring to install.

There are no bar codes, no tags, and no readers or scanners to carry or issue. There is nothing to download at the end of the tour because all information is logged as it happens in real time.

Flexible Guard Tours

The software can be configured to generate an immediate “tardy alarm” if a station is not visited
within a user defined time window. These alarms can also be set to indicate an early arrival. The software provides maximum flexibility in allowing an unlimited number of daily tours with the time schedules for each being independently defined. These schedules can also vary for each day of the week if desired. Multiple tours may run at the same time. If a guard cannot remember which station should be visited next, a query can be made from the hand held radio and the computer will describe the next stop over the hand held radio even giving detailed instructions as to how to get there. For high security applications, radios can be scrambled and input can be limited to radios having the proper internal ANI (automatic number identification), preventing unauthorized monitoring or access.

Powerful Report Generator

The CARECALLER software has a sophisticated report generator that allows the user to define an unlimited number of report types. For example, management may want to print a daily report of stations that were missed or a report with only stations that had incidents. The activity of a single guard for a specified time period may also be reviewed.

The Guard Tour Sentry is a feature of the CARECALLER software. Other features include a video map display at the computer with postingof the location of the alarm or event and optional output to large LED graphic displays and scrolling displays. Alarm data may be gathered from other systems such as the fire alarm panel for the purpose of dispatching to radios and pagers. User defined computergenerated voice messages can be spoken over the existing facility 2-way radio network describing alarms and events. This automated dispatch feature eliminates human error and is essential when seconds count. If any particular incident of concern is reported in the midst of a tour, the system can immediately relay spoken instructions via hand held radios. For instance if water presence were reported, the computer could immediately broadcast, “For water presence call maintenance at 555-1212.” Our guard could then call maintenance with the same hand held radio.

Wireless Personal Duress Buttons

Guards and employees may carry a personal duress pendant that can be activated at any time to summon help in an emergency. The location of the person is also indicated. The man-down version of the pendant will activate if tilted more than sixty degrees for a period of time. This creates an alarm if the wearer is attacked or becomes unconscious due to an environmental problem such as chemical fumes.

Personnel Tracking

If the facility is equipped with optional locators, a query can be made at the computer to locate any employee who is wearing a wireless duress pendant. These queries can be made as often as is needed and will return an immediate indication.

Portable Security Desk

  • · Monitor and control the CCTV camera system
  • Answer an incoming facility telephone call
  • Engage an intercom call from a door station with 2-way voice communication and then unlock the door if appropriate
  • Manually control lights or otherequipment
  • Receive computer generated voice announcements of alarms
    · Call 911 or make other calls with a hand held radio.

Portable CCTV Monitoring and Control

Roving guards carry a hand held CCTV monitor which receives video from the facility camera system in real time. Guards can also control pan/tilt/zoom/ focus if cameras are so equipped. LCD monitors may be mounted in vehicles. An alarm device such as a door contact or video motion detector will cause the computer to alert the guard(s) with a voice message description. They know to look at their hand held video monitor which will then display the scene.

Alarm Monitoring

Announce alarms from any event or device over hand held radios or other communication mediums such as pagers. A scheduler allows alarms to be silenced according to user defined time zones. Boolean logic operators allow maximum flexibility in establishing alarm scenarios. For example the system will create an alarm if both doors A and B are opened between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, but at any other time, the opening of either door creates an alarm.

Wireless Equipment Control

Automate the control of lights or equipment according to time schedules, manually or in response to other events. All of this can be accomplished without installing one inch of connecting wiring. Up to 65,000 points may be monitored or controlled!

Asset Tracking & Theft Detection

Monitor equipment, computers, projectors, laptops and tools for theft. At any time, locate an asset by making a simple query at the computer.


Care Caller Software

The Sentry system by CareCaller uses our powerful software engine to provide the comprehensive communication required for effective security response.
It is designed to receive alarms and signals from almost any type of system and integrate them into one command
and control center. “The CareCaller software has virtually unlimited input and output capabilities allowing
it to be easily tailored to any use.”

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