Hospital Nurse Call

Hospital Nurse Call Systems:

PC Nurse Call System

WP 1000 System

Sentry 101

CareCaller’s Nurse Call system is the perfect solution for a hospital that cares about the safety and well-being of their patients. Wireless pendants may be given to patients, or pull cords and push buttons may be installed beside hospital beds or in bathrooms. When activated an alarm will generate on hand-held radios, phones, or pagers immediately alerting Nursing staff to who needs help and where they are – no matter where they are in the hospital.

Care Caller Software

The Sentry system by CareCaller uses our powerful software engine to provide the comprehensive communication required for effective security response.
It is designed to receive alarms and signals from almost any type of system and integrate them into one command
and control center. “The CareCaller software has virtually unlimited input and output capabilities allowing
it to be easily tailored to any use.”

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