Mobile Lone Worker

Mobile Lone Worker System:

CareCaller’s Man Down/Lone Worker System easily integrates with existing security systems both inside the airport, and out on the tarmac. All employees – from baggage handlers to mechanics will be protected by the CareCaller Emergency Call System.

Mobile Lone Worker Systems

CareCaller Emergency Call Systems are perfect for any company that is concerned with the safety
and security of their employees. Our Mobile Lone Worker System is designed for industries that require their workers to travel and work alone. Our system will work even in the most remote areas. Some of the industries the Mobile Lone Worker

System is designed for include:
• Trucking
• Mining
• Oil Rigs
• Rail
• Forestry
• Tele Communications
• Hydro
• Correctional Facilities – Highway Clean-up

CareCaller’s Mobile Lone Worker System is combined with a Satellite phone to provide a means to call out to emergency contacts. When an alarm is activated, the system will use either an automatic voice dialer to call out to predefined numbers, or a digital communicator that will call out to an alarm monitoring facility. This ensures that if your lone worker becomes unconscious or has an emergency, an signal will be sent out immediately.

The integrated satellite system acts not only as the phone system, but it also acts as a GPS tracking system for your employees, or your assets. The system will send an alarm signal if any assets such as machinery or equipment are being removed from their pre-defined locations.