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Prison Man Down Systems:

PC System

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PC System

The Sentry personal wireless pendant system is designed to protect officers andemployees from hazards such as violent attacks or environmental dangers by pinpointing who it is that needs help and where they are. Applications include corrections facilities, psychiatric wards, military bases including mobile deployment field operations, nuclear and chemical plants, and industrial maintenance technicians. The system also has many other features that can be added as well.

Wireless Pendant Transmitters

The standard Sentry pendant comes with a belt clip and a pull-pin safety lanyard that may be attached to a belt loop or other secure fastener. If an attacker tries to take the pendant away from the officer, the lanyard will pull an activation pin out of the pendant to send an alarm. For “man down” applications, the pendant may be optionally equipped with a tilt detector circuit that will automatically send an alarm if an officer is incapacitated and on the floor. Other pendant variations are available including a water resistant pendant and one with 4 buttons that can indicate varying levels of required response.

Automated Radio Dispatch

Automated radio dispatch is essential for immediate response when officer’s lives may well hang in the balance of a few seconds. While “live” dispatchers may be finding a key for someone, checking ID’s at a sally port, or using the bathroom, The Sentry is always on duty. When an officer calls for help by activating a pendant, The Sentry will instantly and automatically broadcast a clear voice message over existing facility hand-held radios that tells who needs help and at what location. In this way, no time is lost due to human error.

Messages are composed by the users and can be easily changed by typing a new message into the computer. Alarm message announcements may also be partitioned and selectively broadcast to groups of radios; for example, alarms from the high security facility may be broadcast only to radios in that building. Notifications by alphanumeric pagers is also available. An optional flexible software event timer allows the announcement of daily or weekly routine events such as inspections, roll calls, and shift changes over the facility hand-held radios. The Sentry can easily integrate with other in house systems such as general fire alarm, so that important alarm information is dispatched immediately and automatically.


The Sentry system is totally wireless. Repeaters and locators positioned throughout the facility require only a 110 volt power plug. This represents a tremendous reduction in labour and installation cost, making The Sentry very affordable. Personal pendant duress alarms are passed from one repeater to another as wireless transmissions, thus securing their immediate arrival at the main computer. Repeaters and locators may be installed outdoors as well as indoors and a rechargeable backup battery power supply provide dependability even when the lights go out.

Local Detection

Locators placed throughout the facility will identify the location of any person who has signaled for help. This information is critical when lives depend on rapid response. Location areas can be field adjusted with a resolution of 15 feet to several hundred feet allowing the system to be tailored to the facility. Like repeaters, locators are totally wireless which greatly reduces the cost of installation. Locators will also support annunciating devices such as strobe lights and alarm horns.

Supervised For Reliability

For added security, all wireless devices report to the central computer every fiveminutes. If a device fails to check in, the computer immediately notifies the main security system. In addition, all transmitters will create a low battery alarm if that condition occurs, indicating exactly which transmitter to check. When lives are at stake, it is essential that users are notified if any wireless pendants, repeaters, or locators stop working. The Sentry’s wireless equipment uses premier spread spectrum technology to transmit each alarm many times on different frequencies. This technology, which was originally developed by the military to prevent jamming and interference, assures that wireless emergency signals get through every time, all the time.

Detect Other Alarms

With the Sentry wireless infrastructure in place, many other applications are athand. These include:

  • •The use of wireless transmitters to detect the opening of roof hatches, use of
    infrared beams, opening of interior doors, tampering with valves, and the
    opening of gates.
    •Monitoring of facility emergency generators for low fuel, low oil pressure, and
    high temperature.
    •Processing of facility fire alarm panel information, including the activation of
    large LED graphic displays.
    •The option to broadcast alarms over hand-held radios.
    •Access to a sophisticated scheduler to disarm wireless transmitters
    according to specific time schedule.
    •The monitoring of scheduled events, such as the exercising of the emergency
    generator, with an alarm that sounds if the exercise exceeds the time period

Control Facility Equipment

The Sentry can send wireless commands to receivers anywhere in the facility to turn lights on or off, open gates or doors, or activate equipment, motors and devices. These wireless commands can be initiated manually, by a keypad, key switch, or push button, as the result of another signaling event such as a door opening, or by a computer-controlled timer. Because it is totally wireless, The Sentry alarm input, and control output cannot be damaged by lightning.

Remote CCTV Monitor

The Sentry can broadcast the output of the facility CCTV system to remote hand-help or vehicle mounted monitors, allowing officers to instantly view an alarm condition, fence breach, or other security alert condition. Hand-held radios can call a camera into view and control the pan/tilt/zoom/ focus functions. This allows roving officers to see anything from anywhere.

Guard Tour Monitor

With The Sentry, facilities may install guard tour stations at strategic locations. As each station is accessed, the date, time and location of the tour station activation is recorded with the computer. The system also allows for time variance windows, so that an alarm will be created if the guard tour station is not activated within a predefined time window. For example, if an officer is scheduled to check a loading dock door between 10:00 and 10:15 PM and the door has not been checked by 10:15, the system will alert the main computer.

Asset Protection

The Sentry can protect assets such as tool carts, medical equipment, and computer with attached wireless transmitters. Users may define an area in which the asset may roam freely, with an alarm sounding if it goes beyond that space. The system also allows for the tracking of the asset as it passes through the building over the grounds.


The Sentry uses the DEVI 9000 alarm processing software, one of the most flexible and easy-to-use systems available. Central to its effectiveness is its ability to provide an accurate written record that tracks who handles alarms and which staff are in attendance, as well as a precise historical database of past incidents. Alarms may also be acknowledged from the field via a hand-held radio equipped with a touchtone keypad. Boolean logic functions provide intricate tailoring of alarm scenarios. A powerful report generator provides user defined report styles which may be saved and reused. Nothing falls through the cracks or comes up short with The Sentry.


Care Caller Software

The Sentry system by CareCaller uses our powerful software engine to provide the comprehensive communication required for effective security response.
It is designed to receive alarms and signals from almost any type of system and integrate them into one command
and control center. “The CareCaller software has virtually unlimited input and output capabilities allowing
it to be easily tailored to any use.”

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