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Finding the Right System

At CareCaller we strive to provide our clients with the best Nurse Call Systems, best solutions, and the lowest prices.

We have achieved this by bringing together the most reliable and innovative hardware with the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians and staff.

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The ULTIMATE Emergency Call System : Our Systems

Senior Housing Industry

CareCaller’s Senior Nurse Call and Emergency Call system is the perfect solution for any retirement facility or long term care facility that cares about the safety and well-being of their residents. wireless medical alarms may be given to residents to wear, or pull cords may be installed in various rooms throughout your facility. When activated a medical alarm will generate on hand-held radios, immediately alerting staff which resident needs help and where they are.
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Industrial Man Down

CareCaller’s Man Down system is the perfect solution for any industrial situation where any employee be working alone or performing tasks in a high risk area. A Man Down pendant will be worn and an alarm will be created if it is tilted over 60 degrees for a pre-determined length of time, or if it is removed from the worker. Staff will then be alerted of the personal alarm and given the location.
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Hospital Nurse Call

CareCaller’s Nurse Call system is the perfect solution for a hospital that cares about the safety and well-being of their patients. Wireless medical alert devices may be given to patients, or pull cords and push buttons may be installed beside hospital beds or in bathrooms. When activated a medical alert alarm will generate on hand-held radios, phones, or pagers immediately alerting Nursing staff to who needs help and where they are – no matter where they are in the hospital.
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Education Facilities

CareCaller Emergency Call systems are the perfect security solution for your school or campus. It was not long ago that school security was not a topic often discussed by parents and school faculty. Unfortunately, the reality of increasing violence in schools has changed all of that. CareCallerís Emergency Call System is designed to be easily installed into schools in order to give your faculty peace of mind.
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Airport Emergency Call System

CareCallerís Man Down/Lone Worker System easily integrates with existing security systems both inside the airport, and out on the tarmac. All employees Ė from baggage handlers to mechanics will be protected by the CareCaller Emergency Call System.
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Mobile Lone Worker

CareCallerís Mobile Lone Worker system is designed for industries that require their workers to travel and work alone. Our system will work even in the most remote areas by using satellite phones as a means of communication with emergency contacts.
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Independent Senior System

CareCallerís Independent Senior alarm system is a powerful ally designed to protect you or your loved ones in the event of a personal emergency. Seniors are able to feel confident while living on their own as our system is always ready to spring into action should an emergency arise. CareCaller uses the longest range and most reliable wireless pendants in the industry.
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Prison Man Down System

CareCallerís Emergency Call System is designed to protect officers and employees from job hazards such as violent attacks or environmental dangers. Our emergency call pendants may be activated immediately should a threatening situation occur.
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Guard Tour

CareCallerís Guard Tour system logs and reports the movement of your guards as they make their rounds from one assigned guard station to the next. Our system provides real-time tracking, so that you will know right away if a guard misses their stop or deviates from their route. Our system additionally works as a lone worker emergency call system to protect your guards.
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Courthouse Emergency System

CareCallerís Courthouse system is designed with wireless emergency call buttons that may be easily attached to the underside of desks in Judgeís chambers, in the court room, in the District Attorneyís office, and even in holding cells. These buttons may be accessed immediately should a threatening situation occur.
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Asset Tracking

CareCallerís Asset Tracking system is designed to prevent unauthorized removal or theft of assets. This system may also be used to track and locate assets. An alarm will be generated if an asset is taken outside of its defined area.
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